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Theme Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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AP United States History Name:
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Themes in United States History

UNIT:_________________________________________   CHAPTERS: ______________________________

1. American Diversity
  What can you say about the roles of race, class, ethnicity and gender during this time period?

2. American Identity
  What are the views of what the national character is during this time period?   What does it mean to be an American during this time period?

3. Culture
  What was going on in terms of popular culture (literature, art, philosophy, music, theatre, film) during this time period?   How does popular culture reflect society during this time period?

4. Demographic Changes
  Note the significant changes in birth, marriage and death rates.   What is the life expectancy during this time period?   What types of immigration and migration patterns can you note?   What were the social, political and economic effects of such immigration and migration?

5. Economic Transformation
  What major economic events occurred during this time period?   Note changes in trade patterns, commerce and technology.   What are the effects of capitalist development, labor unions and consumerism?

6. Environment
  How has the natural environment changed during this time period?   How has population growth, industrialization, pollution and urban and suburban expansion affected the environment?

7. Globalization
  How has America become part of the world during this time period?   Bring up things such as colonialism, mercantilism, global hegemony, development of markets and cultural change.

8. Politics and Citizenship
  What was the role of politics during this time period?   What are some of the important political actions and pieces of legislation that were passed during this time period?   How has democracy grown and how has this time period contributed to the development of the modern state?   How was citizenship defined and what can be said about...

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