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theology Essay

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  • on December 8, 2008
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The Introduction to the New Testament focuses on the different religion of the time and the philosophies which were dominant during the time of the New Testament. It explains the differences among the various religions from Judaism and the philosophies that went along with the time as well. It outlines them to give New Testament readers an idea of the thoughts of the time and the religious an philosophical standpoints of the people of religions other than Judaism that were not usually taken into account even by the people who lived in that time period.
The text assumes its reader is familiar with the Jewish religion and, of course, the Bible. It assumes the reader knows little of the other religions and philosophies of the time, thus it is the perfect reason to outline their importance in society although they are not mentioned in biblical readings. The text assumes that the reader has at least heard of other kinds of religion and is familiar with them to a point. The author also informs the reader of the necessity knowledge of post biblical Jewish literature is to the reading of the New Testament. The sources for the text come from Jewish tradition in the Mishna, Tosepta, and the Talmud and the traditions which have been passed down over time. Other sources include the oral traditions of religions and the written works which honor the various religions and the common knowledge of the histories of these other religions as well. The religious background of the time sets the tone for the experience of the people living during the time of the New Testament and gives the reader a broader understanding of the New Testament.
Since the author is merely explaining the various forms of religion in history, the strength of his claim is based on the truth of the backgrounds he is informing the reader of. The only weakness of his position is in where he believes the reader has an understanding of the text and traditions he refers to when the reader, in fact, does not. The...

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