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There Is No Global Warming Essay

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Below is an essay on "There Is No Global Warming" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There is No Global Warming
The theory of global-warming predicts that if atmospheric carbon dioxide continues to rise then global temperatures will increase significantly, causing catastrophic weather events around the world.   Due to these predictions political leaders are gathered in Kyoto, Japan, working away on an international treaty to stop "global warming" by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The question of how much to cut emissions has created a heated debate that could result in either ecological or economic disaster.   However, the research shows no reason to expect the drastic climate changes that have been predicted.   There is not a shred of persuasive evidence that humans have been responsible for increasing global temperatures.
Greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere and are responsible for controlling the amount of heat that passes in and out of space.     Due to the chemical makeup of these gasses they tend to admit more solar energy into the atmosphere than they allow to   escape.   Since these substances interact among themselves and with other aspects of the atmosphere in complex ways there is still much that is not understood.   Still, it was reasonable to hypothesize that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels might cause atmospheric temperatures to raise. “Some people predicted "global warming," which has come to mean extreme greenhouse warming of the atmosphere leading to catastrophic environmental consequences.”(___)
Global Warming is not a new trend.   In fact, the earth’s climate history shows cycles of warming and cooling have been occurring for millions of years.   During that time, ice sheets came and left the surface of the earth.   About 50,000 years ago the earth experienced an ice age which covered most of North America, Northern Europe, and Northern Asia in a sheet of ice and snow.   This cooling cycle ended approximately 12,000 years ago when our current warming trend began and started an interglacial period that still...

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