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Things Fall Apart Essay

  • Submitted by: ykcir999
  • on December 9, 2008
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In Things Fall Apart there are two main cultures that are developed.   The main culture is that of the Clan, and is developed in great detail throughout the novel.   The second is that of the missionaries who try and convert the Clan to believe Christian beliefs.   The Clan has a lot of trouble adapting to the Christian values being imposed on them.   They have had a tribal way of life for as long as they know, and have only been aware of their own culture.   It is because of how different the two belief systems are that makes it hard for the Clan to adjust, and Okonkwo, knowing very little about Christianity, does all that he can to support Ibo culture.
Once the missionaries arrive they begin to try and understand the current ways of the Clan.   The missionaries know almost nothing about the beliefs of the Clan, but insist to tell them that they, “worshipped false gods, gods of wood and stone.”   They continue to do everything in their power to change the beliefs of the Clan, without acknowledging that the village is already flourishing and has been for a long time.  
The Christians tried to impose their values on the members of the Clan.   The missionaries believe in one god.   This god is not a physical god, but a spirit.   This God is said to have created the entire world, and everything that lives on it.   When some one dies, they go before this Great Spirit.   Those who do not believe in him would be thrown into a fire “that burned like palm oil.”   If the individual believes in god, and has followed his rules and lived a good life, his soul will be released into heaven where they will have eternal life.   The missionaries believe that their religion rules supreme over all religions and they are very persistent in converting the members of the Clan.
The Clan believes in very different values.   The Ibo tribe has many different gods that they worship, but they also believe in one supreme god.   This god is Chukwu and it is said that he made the world and the other gods....

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