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Things Fall Apart Essay

  • Submitted by: pandagirl
  • on February 22, 2011
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In the novel “Things Fall Apart”, the main character Okonkwo, he suffered from embarrassment about his lazy, squandering, and effeminate father from home since his childhood.   However, Unoka his father’s failure has driven him to succeed gave him his main characteristic of fearing weakness, and tolerating no laziness.   Behind this successful leader and farmer there is a dark and cold hearted side of him, his daily routines consist of rough, abusive, sexist violence and impassiveness, He possessed a one-track mind that was focused on nothing but being the best. Another flaw that Okonkwo shows is his pride in his masculinity.  These traits are which Okonkwo’s tragic flaw arises from.   Every person has flaws but with Okonkwo’s, they ultimately lead to his downfall of his shameful suicide.
“Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand. His wives, especially the youngest, lived in perpetual fear of his fiery temper” this quote from Chapter 2 shows that, as a father and a husband figure, he is extremely strict with his family member. He has daily concerns such as, if he shows any affection to his wives and kids, it will cause weakness in the family.   His intolerance for laziness has led to developing a great amount of anger issues; these forced him to show nothing but angriness.   Later on in the book when Okonkwo’s youngest wife left to have her hair braided without cooking dinner; he beat her for her negligence. When he is not busy doing something, he must find something to do, he beats his wife for just such little things as cooking dinner.  
Okonkwo has an extremely strong and complex personality, although he achieved great social and finicial success in the beginning, his strength and stubbornness could have served him well until the very end.   Unfortunately after his exile, he realized that he has become a relic to the community.   His clansmen do not support his rash actions and his anger problems and he no longer has any authority there, all these issues...

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