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Third Grade Essay

  • Submitted by: ewckxmgp1651
  • on March 10, 2009
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In this assignment the students worked on sequence of events.   I worked with two third graders. Their ages are 8 years old.
The first thing I did was introduce sequence of events I modeled how to put a story in order.   I used sentence strips with five sentences written on   each strip.   The two students had to write a number on each of the sentence strips to indicate the proper order.   Once they placed the sentence in order they wrote the sentence in a paragraph.   Once the students complete this activity they listen to the story Paul Bunyan wile they focus the important events in the story the two students took turn writing on a poster board a list of events from the story.   Once they completed this part of the activity we review the concept of sequence of events.   I explain that they are going to create a timeline to review the sequence of events in the story of Paul Bunyan.   Thy worked together for fifteen minutes on writing complete sentences describing the events in the story.   After the students completed their sentence, I gave them twenty to draw minutes to draw a picture of each scene of the event that took place.
I had three posters labeled beginning, middle, or end.   The two students had to decide on the sequence of events.   They attached their drawing that correspond to the events that they attached their drawing that they wrote about Paul Bunyan.   In conclusion of the lesson I had the students write out the step to sequence of events to anything that the chose to write about.   They I had instructed them that they were to used a Flow Map.   I model an example of a flow map.   One of the students did a flow map on how to make a peanut butter and jell sandwich.   The second student made her flow map on how to make up a bed.   The two students decided that they want to demonstrate the activity.   Which I was not prepared for this part because I had to go and purchase bread, jelly, and peanut butter!   This concluded my lesson on sequence of...

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