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the third man Essay

  • Submitted by: johanne
  • on December 7, 2008
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An Honorable Gentleman
The film The Third Man directed by Carol Reed talks about racketeering in post-war Vienna.   How desperate the economy was and what horrible things people did in order to survive economically. Harry Lime was buying penicillin with one of his business partners, diluting the penicillin and selling it to hospitals.   He was one of those black market dealers trying to make a quick buck. In his attempt to make money in his racketeering business, he caused the deaths and mental illnesses of many people, most drastically children. Lime was an old friend with Holly Martins, who was coming to Vienna on inquiry for a job Lime had offered him. Upon Martins arrival he was told that Lime had been killed and Martins decided to investigate.
Throughout the movie Martins is seen as a gentleman, a chivalrous and honorable man. He comes to visit his old friend and ends up investigating his alleged death, or murder. He is greatly concerned with what happened to his friend and he does all he can to get to the bottom of it.   Martins questions as many people as he possibly can and speaks with anyone who may even know the slightest detail.   He does not believe that his death was an accident; he believes it had to have been murder. Martins needs to avenge his friends death because that is the honorable thing to do.
The police tell Martins that Lime had been dealing and trading goods illegally and was even considered a murderer, because of the diluted penicillin he had been selling. Yet, remaining dedicated to his friendship with Lime, Martins refused to take this fact as true. He rejected the idea that his friend could do such atrocious things and continued his investigation to find who the “murder” was. Martins stayed honorable to his friend and believed the best in him. All the while Lime’s associates thought of his “death” light heartedly and didn’t seem to have sympathy for the “loss” of their associate. Martins found this peculiar and knew something was...

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