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Thirty Little Turles Essay

  • Submitted by: lovinblazin420
  • on February 22, 2011
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In “30 Little Turtle” by Thomas L. Fridam, as he sits in the “accent neutralization” among 20 year old Indian’s, he believes that outsourcing isn’t such a bad things because it gives opportunities to other country’s to become more independent and gain self confidence. Outsourcing also changes people’s lives; they are able to save up money, able to buy things at their luxury. It helps women become more independent; Women are becoming more liberated with these jobs and now have the option to go to college because they can afford it. He believes that by having these jobs that go to outside sources gives opportunity to those who believe there is no hope to have a better life for themselves and their family. He clearly states that he doesn’t want to give jobs to the Indian’s over America. However, these low waged jobs are valued in India or Pakistan as high-waged and high pressured jobs.
I agree with Friedman, outsourcing isn’t a bad idea. Young women in India and Pakistan don’t have as many opportunities as the American women have.   A job and being able to afford to go to school gives women a sense of indecency and gain self worth to believe that they don’t need/have to have the normal role of their typical lives they’re set to live. I think that if we have the low end wages that we can outsource then we should send then to other counties to set good fortune to others.   They can lead better lives, live life without a heavy struggle, provided better for there families. I think what we’re doing now is good and we need to keep it up.
I felt that the article was well written. It was hard for me to comprehend because it was unaware of the issues with “outsourcing.”   After reading and reviewing the article it became clearer that what we’re doing for counties is beneficial for the United States and others who are in position for the jobs that are offered. It also gives women the choice to be there own person. Let’s them go to school and be on there own. It also helps the...

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