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This i Believe Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Luke Carlson  
Ms. Mullen
Honors English 9

I believe the only thing in the world and that's constant is change. When are there limits that stop you on your tracks with out thinking of ways to over come them? Thoughts at perspectives are always changing; always mentally changing discovering new possibility's to go by things.Change is chosen or unexpected, but always constant. This can be seen as decisions of what your day was or things that surprise you. How is it possible that if you simply believe it, it can always be done? Well, if you really believe it, you will decide to make it true at any opportunity. So you can expect changes, but it usually puts you, unexpectedly, off edge. It depends on the people around you rather than yourself. The personality an ego of another person can be spontaneous from your eyes. Only when things make sense is when you have imagined what they see. Therefore influences of other people can change your decision.  

It’s very hard to decide for yourself when there is pressure. Most of the self defined pressure i have is being shy or just the follower. What changed the most for me was coming from a small school. I struggled to get out of erasing safety zone: i only had two friends. in versus the school now, that i can move along freely. Sure, now i see everyone from the older school as friends, but sometimes i prefer to be alone.

Change is what keeps us moving forward. Decision is our direction and it’s the only thing that can block you from imagining that extra thought which is the answer to keep direction. Activities that are enjoyed can be interpreted as a belief or a direction of wisdom that keeps you moving forward, getting through the tough days you remember versus the mind erasing days that don't have meaning. Its like you can remember other things than what you wore yesterday is. I got this belief from my dad when my parents divorced and unexpectedly things changed. They went in two directions, one lives here and the...

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