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A similarity would be that each one of us was able to recognize our strongest intelligence and relate that to how we learn. Through this exercise, we were able to research our strong intelligence and see how it applied to the way we grasp information. In most of the checkpoint responses, we all found that there were some descriptions that contradicted something about ourselves. We all were able to receive some sort of feedback on how we can relate to one another.

The importance of knowing your personal learning strengths would be to help you do better in school and work. Knowing the personal learning strengths of your classmates helps you to better understand your classmates. If you have a group assignment that you have to work on or a test that your studying for, knowing what learning strengths that everyone has would help you be better prepared. This knowledge is very beneficial and helpful for online community members. Nobody can be expert in all traits of life, by sharing your questions and answers with others   you gain an extraordinary piece of information.

I think that theory is very true because when you have visual intelligence you are able to do things in your head and get an idea of what you are trying to do. They have that much knowledge to let them discover new things. I dont think I can relate to this theory because I am not a visual learner. I forget things and I have to look at something more than once. And I definitely do not like drawing!!

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