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How To Throw A Pass Essay

  • Submitted by: dasavoklca
  • on April 29, 2008
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How To Throw A Pass

      When   most people think of quarterbacks, they think arms, but without the legs and feet, a quarterback won't be getting many opportunities to show off his arm. Besides, there's a lot more to legs and feet than just scrambling. Dan Marino isn't known for his speed or running ability, but he has very quick feet, which helps him get set up in the pocket that much faster and gives him that much longer to read the defense. I will explain how to throw and hopefully help you complete a pass.

    Everything begins with the snap. The center is a position that many people, including quarterbacks, take for granted. But you only have about three seconds to decide what is happening down field, to follow the routes, and to figure out what you should be doing with the ball. You don't want to waste any time thinking, "I've got to get the snap right." Some centers will snap the ball a little more forward, some a little farther back. If you don't adjust, the snap will be muffed. You will be turning and pivoting in all sorts of directions once you get the ball, depending on the play that's been called. Footwork is obviously important, but if you don't hold your hands correctly it won't matter. Most centers deliver the ball with a quarter turn. To take this kind of snap, you need to have your throwing hand under center, palm down, and the other next to it, palm forward. You spread your fingers each about an inch apart and hold your hands together at the thumbs so that your palms form a pocket for the ball. In this position, the ball will be hitting your throwing hand, and your opposite hand will instinctively close on it.

    Now you have to drop into the pocket. There are two basic ways to drop: crossover and back pedal. The backpedal, which Dan Fouts used with amazing results, allows you to see the field with both eyes as you drop, and eliminates your blindside--but it's slower. It's also harder to get your weight going forward again, although...

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