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In Times Of War How Much Does The Public Have A Right To Know? Essay

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Below is an essay on "In Times Of War How Much Does The Public Have A Right To Know?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

War is life or death, its your life or the life of your enemy. To live or not to live. It is not acceptable for the press to publish articles which can be a detriment to the life a soldier. Interference from the press can, has done and will continue to cause the loss of lifes on the battle field. Yes the public do have the right to find out the facts about how an individual battle or war developed, but undeniably not if it jeopardises the life of a soldier, and in turn the outcome of the war.
At the vicious, awful and occasionaly barbaric times of war, it is not up to the press or the public to interfere. It can in some circumstances be of benefit. For instance when the American public were witness to the sight of their soldiers, their sons and daughters ‘slodging through mosquito-infested rice paddies’ (Etzioni Pg.1) during World War II did increase in the war. The vivid images of countess body bags lined in a row did nothing to damage the opinion of the American public and their beliefs in the war. However this benefitial cicumstance is not always the case. CIA agent Richard S Welsch was ‘killed in 1975 after he was named in Counterspy magazine’ (Etzioni Pg.1). Both situations must be weighed up. The pros and cons of each contingency gathered and analysed. In the case of publishing information about wars while it is still being fought, the fact still remains that the interference of press reports and articles costs lives.
The public are not stupid, they realise that this is the case. Americans have been bombarding the television stations with complaints about the amount of information being disclosed over the air waves, not angry at the lack of information but at the substantial volume of it. The public understand that revealing of such a quantity of information will cause a threat to the success of the war in Iraq. What the public are actually recieving is neither the truth or the complete facts. The public are instead ‘subject...

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