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To What Extent Was Nicholas Ii To Blame For The 19 Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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To what extent was Nicholas II to blame for The 1905 Revolution?

For some factors, which ultimately lead to The 1905 Revolution, Russian Tsar Nicholas II was to blame, although many other factors had great significance without the tsar’s intervention. Russia had seen hard times and several flaws in Russia’s economic and social society inevitably lead to The 1905 Revolution.

Some of the political factors which caused The 1905 Revolution were a product of Nicholas II’s mistakes. The working and lower classes in Russia did not have a say in how the country was run (no political power), Nicholas did not give them the opportunity as autocracy had been drilled into him all his life by his father, and tutor Pobedonostev. This autocracy was undermined by the working and lower classes and especially the revolutionists who wanted to overthrow the Tsar; we know that people were infuriated by autocracy because of the 2000 political assassinations carried out by the revolutionists between 1901 and 1905, and also the peasant disturbances of 1902. In this case Nicholas’ ignorance was to blame for his reluctance to reform and autocratic views.

Various economic problems in Russia contributed to the 1905 revolution but not all were Nicholas’ fault. Population growth and land hunger in Russia at the time was a great issue, people were discontented, industrialisation of Russia meant that workers in the new factories were being targeted by revolutionaries, and were also becoming increasingly militant. Escalating social unrest made it obvious to many Russians that a crisis was in threat. All contributing to the irritation of the lower and working classes who were slowly but surely building a hate to the way Russia was run.

The emancipation of the Serfs by Tsar Alexander II in 1861 did little to solve the discontent and agitation of the peasants. However, the disappointment appeared when the Tsar approved freedom for the serfs, yet taxed them for living on land which they...

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