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Toorak and Fitzroy economical distinguishing work Essay

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Fitzroy and Toorak are two of the nearest suburbs to the city centre. Although the distances in which are measured from each of them to Melbourne center are similar, the living condition of these areas seems extraordinarily different. These differences are clearly found by comparing several living features such as housing, commercial centre qualities and the welfare services in these areas.
      Firstly, the dissimilarities of housing quality between these districts are effortlessly recognized. Size and quality of houses in Toorak demonstrates an exclusive life style. These houses are usually large in size with indoor garage and located in center of an expansive land surrounded by large flourishing garden. Houses in Fitzroy, on the other hand, seem much smaller than those in Toorak. These houses are usually functionally built to supply only basic needs for low income families to rent or buy at a low price. In contrast, Toorak houses are stylishly designed in order to provide a luxury living standard for wealthy people. These houses supply their owner high value of comfort, pleasure and security.   If comparing worth of housing in Toorak and Fitzroy, it can obviously seen that, Toorak housing prices are usually triple or many times more expensive than those in Fitzroy as people living there are much richer than people living in Fitzroy. To conclude, Housing standard in Toorak express a much higher living condition in comparison with Fitzroy.
      In a review of Toorak and Fitzroy commercial centers, there are some significant points that show the differences in living condition between them. Initially, it can be seen that Fitzroy is a multi cultural suburb through the diverse nationalities represented in its shopping centre for example, series of Asian, European restaurants, African clothing shops. Whereas, in Toorak shopping road, only some nationalities are noticeable and all of exclusive shops usually come from Western Developed Countries such as Britain,...

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