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Top Of The Morning To You Essay

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Top of the Morning


For my synopsis I decided to go outside the box to cover a big company, a company that I have a background in, that company is actually a country, and that country is Ireland. Ireland is a country, but it still runs like a company. And in this synopsis I will try my best to show that to you.
The current economic status in Ireland looks good for all, from your average house wife and father to your typical entrepreneur trying to start from scratch. The overall management aspect is somewhat difficult to grasp, seeing as how the company or organization that would usually be written about is an entire country. Although it basically works like a company. It has its C.E.O.’s which would be the President who is Mary McAleese, and it has the managers which would be the cabinet members who oversee specific things such as industrial, agricultural, & commercial. And then the advisors who oversee the workers on a daily basis which are the mayors and top politicians from the cities, towns, & villages of Ireland. And then finally the workers who are basically the average Irish working force, which consists of farmers, police officers, doctors, and a handful of other miscellaneous career fields.
A country that long prided itself on being uniquely oppressed is rich. For 15 years Ireland’s economy grew by 7% or more a year and the results show everywhere: as ugly bungalows, seedy politics, polluted rivers, Polish plumbers and a huge increase in welfare for rich and poor alike. The country has taken steps to help improve life environmentally. One such case is Superquinn Market (Ireland’s largest grocery chain). They started to charge 33 cents per plastic bag used at the check out. Within a couple of weeks of this change there was a 97% drop in consumers using plastic bags, instead consumers now use reusable cloth bags which are sold at Superquinn Markets all over the island. This helps the environment and pollution to help make the...

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