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Totalitarian Society Essay

  • Submitted by: poolandr
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Totalitarian Society" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

source: when citizens are more engaged in the political process, society becomes stronger and the goverment becaomes more accountable.

There are ways to create an accountable goverment and a strong society, the most effective is for the citizens to become engaged in the political process. The author of the source is favorable to a modren liberal goverment. The author believes that the best society would be one where the goverment is held accountable by the countries citizens, by allowing them to become engaged in the decision making. In a libiral society people if they feel like they disagree with the goverment they are allowed to peacefully protest or create a political party that will oppose the current goverment. Without allowing the people of a nation to appose the goverment the nation will slip into a totalitarian state. On the other side when people rights and freedoms are suspended by the goverment, and the people of a nation are not engaged in the political process, decisions will be made more efficently than through due process. However when someones rights and freedoms are suspended   it can lead to the discrimination and evential killing of people. Upon exploration of the source due to the fact that without the people of a nation engaged in the political process ,the goverment of a nation state can have total power over its citizens , the ideological perspective represented in the source should be enbraced fully.    
A totalitarien society would reject the ideological perspective represented in the source, they would not allow their citizens to become engeged within the political process, people would have no freedoms and no way to keep their goverment accountable.After their defete in ww1 the German people were faced with huge debt to pay back to the westren world. This crippling dept threw Germany into an economic tailspin, the country foght with out of control inflation and huge unemployment. This allowed Hitler to rise to total totalitarian power....

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