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Touch Football Essay

  • Submitted by: eliiaheca1014
  • on October 29, 2008
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1.0 – Introduction
Touch Football is an extremely fast and high demanding fitness sport. The positions of touch require aerobic energy, agility, speed and muscular endurance. By taking part in special fitness tests such as the beep test, Illinois test, sprint test and push up test, you are to choose one of two positions that would most suit you, either centre or wing. Then after the position is decided a training schedule of activities that accommodate your personal fitness level and touch position are created, to help and improve your fitness in those areas.

2.0 - Test Results

Tests Score Ranking
Beep Test (Aerobic) 12.4 = 54.85 Vo2 Max Excellent
Illinois Test (Agility) 16.1sec Good
Sprint Test (Speed) 5.3sec Good
Push up Test (Muscular Endurance) 36 Above Average

3.0 - Beep Test (Aerobic)
The beep test involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart before the beep. The test subjects stand behind one of the lines facing the second line, and begin running when instructed by the cd or tape. The speed at the start is quite slow. The subject continues running between the two lines, turning when signalled by the recorded beeps. After the first few levels the difficulty level increases and the beeps get closer and close together. This continues during each level. If the line is not reached in time for each beep, the subject must run to the line turn and try to catch up with the pace within 2 more beeps. Also, if the line is reached before the beep sounds, the subject must wait until the beep sounds. The test is stopped if the subject fails to reach the line or pulls out because of exhaustion and to much lactic acid. The final level you were on is the level you finish at.

My results that I achieved in the beep test were excellent, reaching 12.4 or 54.85 for the Vo2 Max.
Calculations for the Beep Test
Enter your level (e.g., 8):  
Enter your number of shuttles (e.g., 5):  
Press the button to see your predicted VO2max score:
Your result...

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