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Toughest Technical Problem I Have Worked On Essay

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Describe the toughest technical problem you've worked on, how you addressed the problem, your role in reaching the outcome if it was team-based, and the final outcome.
One of my toughest technical problems I have encountered was in my Microprocessor-Based Systems class.   We were given the task to design and create something that incorporated the skills that we had learned throughout the semester.   I work in a group with two other students, and we decided that we would create an automated ice cream toppings dispenser.   I was very excited about this project, but was faced with the challenge of where to start, how to incorporate all of our ideas, and try to predict what obstacles we might encounter.   We met with our teachers to gather some input and decide on the best approach.   Our over all goal, and final product was to have a an ice cream bowl on a rail system powered by a motor to move along to different topping stations including hot fudge, sprinkles, and whipped cream, the final product would be an ice cream sunday!   The user was able to choose their toppings in the order they wanted them place on the ice cream, and was abele to follow the process on a character display.   Our project was fairly complex and used a multitude of components including two distance sensors (short and long range), DC motor, H-bridge, gear motor, servo, solenoid, power resistor, thermistor, numeric keypad, and character display.   To address the problem of how to get started I suggested that we start by getting the smaller less challenging components working, then integrate them all together to create a final product.   As we felt more comfortable with the task at hand, I suggested that we break the work into parts and work individually to complete more parts, but work together when needed.   I personally worked on most of the software and logic for the components.   As our project progressed I naturally evolved as the leader.   I worked to manage and organize our project to ensure that we...

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