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Trade Of Armaments Essay

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Below is an essay on "Trade Of Armaments" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. vary speed of the pellet
Measure depth of penetration
Keep distance between gun and aluminium sheets constant

2. Diagram                                                                               Depth of penetration


Distance, d constant
                                                              Distance constant

Wall wall


Al Sheet held between Clamps

Use this formula, V = V0e-ux

Where V = velocity
            V0 = Initial velocity
            U = coefficient
            X = thichness of aluminium sheet

- use aluminium sheets to vary the speed
- measure speed using lightgates or electronic timers
- Cut the side of the box to obtain the cross section and then measure the depth of penetration

3. Plot a graph of depth of penetration against speed
4. - perform experiment using safety screen
- do not point the gun at any observer in the lab
5. Both pistol and box should be secured to avoid recoil
Measure thickness of aluminium sheet using micrometer
Use aluminium block instead of superposition of aluminium foil
Repeat to reduce error

1. To vary load/diameter of canopy
To measure terminal velocity
To control diameter/load

2. Vary load using sloted weight
Measure the load using electronic balance
To vary diameter (use fan to inflate canopy to different diameter or use canopy of different diameter)
Use scale to measure diameter
Ensure that terminal velocity is reached
One region of terminal velocity, use larger distance/time
Use video-camera, electronic timer to determine terminal velocity.

3. Plot a graph of Terminal velocity against diameter and a graph of terminal velocity         against load
4. Place sand bucket below load to ensure safety and waer steel toe shoes
5. perform experiment in draught free environment
ensure temperature is constant in the lab
use larger possible distance in the lab

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