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Trading Places Essay

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November 27, 2011
Bonus Synopsis
Trading Places

The movie trading places was filmed in 1983 in Philadelphia, PA. It is basically a switch between two men, one a rich investor and the other is a poor guy that lives on the streets. The saying nature vs. nurture is a big objective in this movie. The two main characters are Eddie Murphy (Billie Ray Valentine) & Dan Aykroyd (Louis Winthorpe III). As the movie started it showed Louis Winthorpe III being pampered with a butler. It also showed the other two main characters Ralph Bellamy (Randolph Duke) and Don Ameche (Mortimer Duke) being chauffeured to their firm. These two men are very successful commodity brokers in Philadelphia. The character Louis Winthorpe works at the Dukes firm as a main investor that makes a lot of the decisions on buying and selling stock. Louis is also the person that oversees the checks that the company distributes to its employees. As the movies starts it also shows Billie Ray Valentine acting as a blind/paralyzed homeless man. He rides around on this contraption with wheels on it begging people for money…the Dukes in particular. Billie Ray is then approached by the police and he acts like a miracle has come upon him. Billie Ray then walks from the police trying to escape. As the movie goes on it shows Louis Winthorpe working in the firm, he then collects the checks and head out of the firm to his car. Winthorpe somehow bumps into Billie Ray and drops his suitcase, Billie Ray picks it up and Winthorpe acts as if Billie Ray was trying to steal it. He shouts for the police and Billie Ray runs into the firm, the police caught up to him and arrests him. Meanwhile the Dukes witness this arrest and decide to use these two men for an experiment. Randolph explains that if he traded Billie Ray with Louis Winthorpe position he could run the firm as well as Winthorpe. The Dukes make the bet and set up everything. They make sure Winthorpe hits rock bottom; from breaking him up with his fiancée,...

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