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Traditional Herbal Medicine Essay

  • Submitted by: iutmutuiz5743
  • on July 27, 2009
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Traditional herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years, long before the invention of today’s chemical based drugs.   Over half of the drugs on the market today are somehow derived from natural products and extracts; so why did we feel the need to artificially produce something that was already here in the first place. In other words why do we feel the need to reinvent the wheel, are we to proud to follow the ways of our forefathers. In many cases the cost of the drug company’s need to industrialize pharmaceuticals is coming at the price of our wellbeing. Many of these chemical substitutes carry the distinct chance of often serious side effects not found in their natural counterparts. I’m not saying that all pharmaceuticals are bad just that we should not abandon the treatment that have been here protecting us since the dawn of time.
There is also the issue of the rising cost of health care in the nation today. Most developing nations still rely heavily on Traditional Herbal Medicines not only for its effectiveness but also for its availability to people regardless of class, income, status. Most Americans today are without health insurance, one would think that the government would embrace an attitude that might lead to independently healthy Americans. There are some that would disagree with me on this topic and I don’t blame them. Many Americans have problem with drug misuse and abuse and what is to say that we would be anymore controlled with natural medicines. I also agree with many experts who feel strongly that more research is needed as we blend natural and modern treatments. Research involving the interaction of these different treatments and the human body are very important if we are to succeed in disease prevention.
Studies show that we should rely on Traditional Herbal Medicines for general well being and the prevention of many health related ailments and diseases. For instance there are more than two hundred and fifty natural compounds...

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