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Tranning Is An Investment During The Recession Essay

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Student Name: Md Shariar Kabir
Student ID: B0252KDKD0410
Course: MFP


Sr. No. | Subject | Page |
1. | Executive Summary | 4 |
2. | Introduction | 5 |
3. | Figure 1. (Training Process) | 5 |
4. | Effect of the our company by cutting down training budget | 6 |
5. | Is it a true economy by cutting down training budget? | 6 |
6. | Essentiality of training during the recession | 7 |
7. | Research Findings | 8 |
8. | Justification and Recommendation | 10 |
9. | Conclusion | 12 |
10. | References list | 13 |
11. | Bibliography | 13 |

Chief Executive Director
E1 0BU

Executive Summary:

The findings of a research study are being presented by this report which was carried out between April, 2010 to June, 2010 on essentiality of the training during the global recession.
According to my research in previous recessions I have found that training area has been cut down at the first stage. On my point of view this was because the finance managers or the senior managers have been seen the training as an expenses rather than an investment for the future. But training is the most important component to build a perfect work force. During the recession the business markets are more competitive. To stay well in the competitive market;

Our employees need to be more knowledgeable, skilled and motivated that they will be able to identify new ways to generate the company goal which is possible only by a proper training. On the other hand, as we all know that the global recession is uncertain and it’s for time being; so we should get ready when the economic will turned up. Otherwise the scenario could be like that the economic get better and our competitors in doing well in the business market and we still doing training to make a perfect work force.

This report aims to complement and focus on the necessity of training at the period of global recession....

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