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Transcendentalism Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Leading a Meaningful Life
“Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”(Thoreau).   Through the words of Thoreau, one can learn lots about leading a meaningful life.   Some of Thoreau’s beliefs included non-conformity, becoming one with nature, and relying upon oneself.   All of these ideas relate to Transcendentalism.   Transcendentalism is the belief that in order to achieve most in life, one must go beyond his/her invisible boundary.   Becoming one with nature is also what Transcendentalism is about.   In the movie Dead Poets Society and in Thoreau’s writings, transcendentalist ideas were portrayed among the actions of the characters and through the actions of Thoreau.   Mr. Keating, from Dead Poets Society, and Thoreau taught people how to achieve moral satisfaction through transcendentalism.  
Mr. Keating’s Transcendentalist teachings helped the students realize that they can use methods taught in class to live a life worth living.   Mr. Keating brought a lot of “becoming one with nature” to the classroom, which is an important aspect of Transcendentalism.   Having class outside was one way that Mr. Keating used Transcendentalism within school.   Another way that Mr. Keating incorporated Transcendentalism into the children’s lives was helping them use the methods they learn in the classroom, in the outside world.   He did this by teaching him the phrase “carpe diem” and the concept of non-conformity.   The phrase “carpe diem” means seize the day and to take every moment in life as it is one’s last.   Mr. Keating took all the students one day and told them to all walk into a straight line.   While walking, one of the students realized that they did not need to be following everyone else because it is their decision to walk in the straight line or not.   These teachings of non-conformity helped the students come to the conclusion that no one is making them do anything in life, and that they live on their own with their own mind.   As Mr. Keating taught all of these significant...

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