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Transportation Essay

  • Submitted by: maggy_cn
  • on December 16, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Transportation (Sum up)
There are two types of transportation: public transportation and private transportation. Examples of public transportation are: buses, trains, tramways, subways, cable cars, ships etc. Examples of private transportation include: private cars, bicycles, motorbikes, as well as walking on foot. Many people prefer means of private transportation to the public transportation, because it is a lot more comfortable, even though it’s pricier: you don’t have to get crammed in a crowded in a crowded wagon if you are driving your own vehicle. Also, riding a bike or a motorbike permits to avoid the traffic on the streets, since in the big cities there are special biking lanes which don’t allow buses or cars. On the other hand, using means of public transportation also has its advantages; first of all, it’s really cheap, nowadays you can purchase a special IP card, and then swipe it every time you get on and get off the bus and save up additional money on cost of transportation. Second, subways are built underground so if you use it, you don’t have to experience the congested streets on the ground. They are fast, and there are many different lines so if you transfer you can get almost anywhere you need. Third, using cable cars or special buses that don’t emit carbon dioxide into the air helps protecting the environment and the ozone layer above.  
Traffic jams (traffic congestion) is a big problem in big and developed cities all over the world. The situation could be improved if the public transportation system is radically changed; if the subway and train system gets more developed it will be more attractive to the citizens, than purchasing private cars that pollute the air and are responsible of the growing traffic jam problem. In consequence, the streets wouldn’t be jammed with private cars going in all the possible directions.
To improve the situation on the streets of the big cities, the government should take various measures; for example, try to...

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