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Trench Letter

  • Submitted by: ghozt13
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: History
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Dear Michael,

I arrived in the trenches last week and settled down,

so I felt it was about time to write to you. Life in the trenches

is horrible and is really not what they say it is like back home.

I remember you wanting to enlist into the army as well, but

I strongly suggest that you do not. In my opinion I feel that

joining the army was the worse decision I've ever made in my life.  

It's really chaotic and dangerous down here in Europe. For example,

last night, we were surprisingly attacked by enemy. They

crept across no-mans land, cutting through barbed wire to our trenches

with wire cutters. In my opinion, that was the scariest thing I have

experienced since arriving here as they were throwing grenades and bayonets.

I didn't know whether I would survive or not, literally I was praying.

My partner told me it could have been worse as he told me a story of

him battling against thrown Mustard and Chlorine gas by holding a rag

of urine to his face. The duty I was assigned was in the support trenches.

My assignment was to bring ammunition and food rations up to the front-lines.

In my opinion I feel the jobs in the trenches are the worst, due to the

conditions down here. From what I've heard, the pilots controlling the

aircrafts have the cushiest job, but also have the highest death rate.

I'm joyful I began my first days in the trenches in the support trenches

as at that time I didn't feel I was mentally ready to go out in the front-lines.

When I arrived here I was also amazed at how the warfare was laid out.

It was almost comparable to a maze or a puzzle. The support trenches

are connected to connecting tunnels that allow me and other people working

at the support trenches to provide ammunition and food to the people in the

forward trenches.   Running alongside these are the communication trenches

which have lookout posts. Near our trenches we also have a huge...

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