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Tshirt Company Essay

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The Grubby Pirate T-shirt Company

LaShea Bradley
Kitti Katona
Patrick J. Battles
Richard Kies
Park University

MBA 630

February 13, 2011

Executive Summary

      The Grubby Pirate is a start up T-shirt Company. This is a low budget silk screen company that is primarily interested in trying to establish a branding name, “The Grubby Pirate”. The main market would be younger men who enjoy ocean life and nautical themes, the spring breakers, surfers, and boaters. The goal is to start a brand name and then expand into other apparel, similar to “No Fear”, “Moto Fox” and “Tapout”. There is little overhead to the project, a graphic artist will be hired to present various designs and the “The Grubby Pirate” brand will be trademarked with the logo. A present company such as PrintMojo http://www.printmojo.com/   will be hired to provide the T-shirt and the majority of the cost will be through brand marketing.   The main members of the company are; LaShea Bradley, Kitti Katona, Patrick Battles and Richard Kies, each member will have equal say, shared cost and shared profits in the company. The plan is to start slow, with marketing at specific events and through Internet sales and advertising trough trade magazines. The goal is to builds a brand image; the company does not anticipate a profit for five years.   According to Emily Malthy in her 2008 article for CNN Money.com where she interviewed, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, chief creative officer of Chicago-based t-shirt retailer Threadless, “The t-shirt market is enormous," he explains. “Work on the local level and differentiate yourself. It's important to start slow.”


      With recent movies and the popularity of the Pirate life and image, we believe that there is a marketing opening for people who want to portray the Pirate Life style.   LaShea Bradley, Kitti Katona, Patrick Battles and Richard Kies, have formed the BKSquared Company for the sole purpose...

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