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Tutors Of Math Essay

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Joshua Stagg
Mr. Ledman

Period 4

October 10, 2008

    Difference!   Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines “difference” as an instance of differing in nature, form, or quality and characteristic that separates or distinguishes contrasting situations by quality and measure.   A proper understanding of the definition of difference plays a great part in contrasting the legends of Don Quixote and King Arthur.   These legends are manifested in many unique ways.   Don Quixote and King Arthur differ in their equipment, accomplishments, and origins.
    First off, I would like to say that it has been known through the years that King Arthur had the most magnificent sword of all people. To most people’s dismay, that sword actually had a name.   Excaliber! It gleaned in the sunlight from the many diamonds on the handle and the long sharp, silvery blade.   ‘Twas far the most beautiful sword in the land.   As for Don Quixote he only had a branch off a tree which he called his lance. It is a little inadequate for a knight.   A branch off a tree?   Something that he could have burned or used as a walking stick, but not as a magnificent sword.   This is a big difference between these two men. Arthur also had a great horse and shining armor.   Don Quixote resumed/decided to keep himself simple and use cardboard armor and an old “tantum pellis et ossa fuit” horse for his knightliness.  
    Secondly, King Arthur had great and magnificent accomplishments in his life.   He conquered England and Britain with the Knights of the Roundtable. The accomplishments gave him much fame and the legend has been passed down for the last couple of hundreds of years. Another unforgotten accomplishment that King Arthur achieved was when he was a small boy.   King Arthur pulled Excaliber out of the anvil and rock.   This was not accomplished easily.   It took supernatural strength to pull out the sword.   It was only given to one certain person who happened to be Arthur.   Likewise, Don Quixote also...

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