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Twixters Essay

  • Submitted by: dcenzo04
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
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David Cenzo                                                                                                                   English 101
Essay #4 November 8th, 2011

      A twixter is a young adult ranging from the ages of eighteen to twenty-five, which include: people that have no job, people that are still in the process of education, and people that have not been married (Grossman 141). Some may call these people “bums,” “underachievers,” and “low lives.” Others view these twixters as people who are waiting for their opportunity to shine. Years ago this transitional period was inexistent; but in today’s time the ways of life have slightly changed, and there is reasoning for this.
      Jess and Nick are two people that have no relation in any way besides the fact that both experienced the twixter stage. These two young-adults have been stuck in the transitional period between being a teen and growing into an adult, but all for different reasons.
      Jessica, twenty-five, just graduated from Stanford University with a Physical Therapy degree. The process was not easy, taking her seven years to complete schooling. Then it was time for the young lady to step out in society and take over her dream job as a physical therapist. Jessica struggled, and not because she was not smart enough for the position, but simply because she could not deal with people. As a physical therapist, one must have a positive attitude regardless of the situation, and Jess had a tough time dealing with this. Her irritable patients came to her work with miserable attitudes, causing her to become miserable. After a few months of this “working terror,” Jessica gave up and decided to work as a dental secretary. Like a physical therapist, many dental patients have bad attitudes too; dental work is expensive and not fun. Jess had no other option but to

stick it out, because she had no other job opportunities. This made Jessica have to grow up and learn how to deal...

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  • Submitted by: dcenzo04
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 811 words
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