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The Two Gentlemen of Verona Synopsis Essay

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  • on January 20, 2009
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Act One of The Two Gentlemen of Verona opens with Valentine and Proteus. Valentine is about to leave his friend for Milan, and it is discovered that Proteus stays in Verona to be with his lover, Julia. Speed is introduced, and he talks with Proteus about a letter he had delivered to Julia for him. Speed then leaves Verona as well to serve his master Valentine in Milan. In Scene Two, Julia receives Proteus' letter and pretends to be angry at him. In Scene Three, Antonio, Proteus' father, speaks with his advisor Pantino about Proteus' failure to join Valentine on his journey. Proteus, reading a letter from Julia, is confronted by his father and told to leave to Milan the very next day.
Act Two begins with Valentine discussing with Speed his love for Sylvia. Speed helps Valentine realize that Sylvia loves Valentine too. When Sylvia enters the scene, Valentine tries to give her a letter he wrote, but he says it was hard for him to write. Sylvia refuses the letter. In Scene Two, Proteus and Julia exchange rings which is a kind of betrothal. They do this alone, and Proteus then leaves for Milan. Lance, Proteus' servant, is introduced in Scene Three. He grieves that he must leave his family and go to Milan, so he takes his frustration out on his dog Crab who doesn't seem to be grieving at all. In Scene Four, Thurio is introduced and Proteus arrives. Proteus falls in love with Sylvia as soon as he sees her and he discusses her with Valentine. In Scene Five, Lance and Speed discourse about the bittersweet parting of Proteus and Julia in Verona and Speed informs Lance about Valentine's new love for Sylvia. Proteus is alone on stage in Scene Six. He talks about how he is to thwart Valentine's plan to elope with Sylvia and win Sylvia's love for himself. Act Two ends with Julia planning to leave Verona and surprise her love, Proteus in Milan.
Act Three opens with the Duke, Thurio, and Proteus. Thurio leaves, and Proteus confesses to the Duke that Valentine plans to steal...

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