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U.S. History Revelution Essay

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The French and Indian war gave the Canadian territory of Quebec to the British. It also gave the British have power over of the Ohio valley, the name for a large region, stretching from Pennsylvania to Illinois. The resulting Quebec Act was a main complaint leading to the revolution, as it blocked colonists from getting bigger into the Ohio valley. The French and Indian War was the North American front of the Seven Years War. The British eventually won, but they were deep in debt as a result of the expenses of the war. Much of the heavy taxation that the British government forced on the American colonies was intended to pay these debts. Resentment of these taxes was one of the main motivators of the Americans who wanted to break up from Britain.
George Washington shaped the U.S. presidency for the years to come by starting a cabinet and setting different precedents. Five of the most important precedents were Neutrality in Foreign Affairs, 2-term Presidency, Use of Force to Enforce the Law (Whiskey Rebellion), Calling the Cabinet to Offer Advice and How to address the President. He helped form the new government under the Constitution. He helped begin the role of President as one of dignity, as well as, strength. Washington dealt with issues and what he did was done again by later Presidents. Tactic such as send off letters to gather support for a cause or project, using letters to equally kill opposition. Washington set patterns for how a President acts, what was acceptable behavior. He tried to impart a pair of dignified control; early Americans truly believed that Governing America, any nation, was a serious responsibility.
One of the biggest migrations over time was the Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the belief that God had meant Americans to spread the blessings of liberty with the whole continent of North America. This would in turn require acquiring new land, and adding new territories and states to the United States. However, this could not be...

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