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the unconscious Essay

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In chapter four of the textbook "Current Psychotherapies", it informs the reader about the practices and theories of Carl Gustav Jung. It's an analytical psychology which builds of Freud's and Adler's perspectives, offering an expanded view of humanity's personal and collective realities.   The goals of psychotherapy are reintegration, self-knowledge, and individuation, with a compassionate awareness of the human condition, individual responsibility, and limited sense of self. The therapy opens the healing and self-regulating potential of the psyche by means of a profound encounter between the interacting personalities of patient and therapist.
            Jung defined psyche as the inner realm of personality that balanced the outer reality.
The psyche consists of spirit, soul, and idea. Jung's view of the mind was similar to Freud's except he believed the unconscious also included undeveloped parts, elements from the collective and material unimportant to the psyche. Vast, hidden psychic resource shared by humans. Jung found basic motif across individuals in their dreams and fantasies. He defined the collective unconscious as the portion of the unconscious universal to all humans.
Images from the collective unconscious are shared by all but modified by our own personal experiences.
            An archetype is an organizing principle, a system of readiness, and a dynamic nucleus of energy.   An archetype is comparable to the circuitry pattern in the brain that orders and structures reality. As a system of readiness, it parallels animals' instincts as a dynamic nucleus of energy which propels a person's actions and reactions in a patterned way. Jung believed that humans have an inherited predisposition to form their personalities and to view reality according to universal inner patterns.
            The personal unconscious makes itself known through complexes. Archetypal images flow from the collective unconscious into the personal unconscious by means of a...

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