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Undercover/stealth Marketing Essay

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UNDERCOVER MARKETING – research question
Why stealth marketing is being used by numerous companies that seem ethical or not and how do they incorporate it into our everyday lives.
In this research paper I will try to explain why stealth marketing or otherwise also known as buzz or undercover marketing which is basically a way to “get the word out” about a product has started to emerge even before the beginning of the second millennium. Nowadays there are so many hustlers in the world that people need to be educated about their rights and about what is being done to them on a daily basis. They should know how marketing “geniuses” are playing with their subconscious minds so that they can defend their selves the next time someone tries to sell them something without them even knowing it. I will also explain the ways that are being used to incept this marketing technique into the everyday lives of people and I will discuss the ethical issues concerning this matter.
Marketing in today’s world has become a “playground” where everybody wants to play with the same “toys” which consequently are not interesting anymore. Marketers are eager to find new ways how to get to people’s subconscious and try to sell them everything that moves. This is also the reason why marketing researchers came up with the “crazy” idea of undercover marketing. We also shouldn’t forget about the fact that when these actors go out into the real world and start up a “buzz” about a new product they gain a pool of new potential customers but the most important part comes in when these people become referrals. They start talking about the product to their friends and family who then also spread the word to their other relatives and friends and this way the companies create
Marketing has become so “pushy” that people want to get away from it. Marketers just like any other people know this because they experience it on their own skin...

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