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Understanding Discipline Essay

  • Submitted by: andrew2014
  • on December 6, 2011
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Understanding Discipline Assignment 2

The meaning of authority is as follows, someone with authority has the power or right to enforce obedience.  
Authority is a major factor in the uniformed public services, the way authority is delegated is through the rank structure. E.g. if a Corporal in the armed forces gives an order to a Private, the Private will obey.
If authority did not exist in the public services then it would not be as effective and it would defeat the whole purpose of services such as the police, whose job is to enforce obedience. Without authority the British community would not abide by the law, and there would be no need for the police service.

The IPCC plays a major role in the Police service they investigate cases such as organised corruption, allegations against senior officers perverting the course of justice. A high profile example of this is Metropolitan Police officer Ali Dizaei, who was found guilty for perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office. Anyone can contact the IPCC if they wish to make a complaint regarding the police service.
An officer is warned, from the moment he arrives, that there exists an oppressive regime in the force; there is a 'them and us' attitude between the lower ranks (police constable and sergeant) and the senior Officers (Inspector and above). Discipline is used not so much to ensure conformity but for aspiring officers and Officers to demonstrate their insistence on procedures and the discipline code being followed to the letter.
It is one thing to be punished for a 'crime' you have committed, it is quite another to be the subject of oppressive conduct, the target of a vindictive mind. There are those who willingly manipulate events to ensure a complaint can be submitted. How better to curry favour with the powers that be than to bring to the attention of senior Officers your ability to interpret the discipline code and apply it.

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