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Understanding Jobs Essay

  • Submitted by: xbiedronkaplx
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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After starting a job and seeing how little it paid for the amount of work and effort I put in, it got me wondering if I was ever going to earn more money. I surely knew I wasn’t going to be able to live off the nickels and dimes I was getting then. It was barely enough to pay off my phone bill. I then knew how it felt to have a so-called “dead end” job. For a teenager, the job was doable. I didn’t have many hours since I was still attending school which was why I wasn’t getting the desired amount of money. For an adult, though, that job definitely would not suffice. Although I was only dreaming of that well-paying job, choosing a career had to come first. The problem with that was I had no idea what I wanted to be. I was extremely talented in fine arts, but the job market had virtually no demands for an artist. Unfortunately, that was the only thing I had in mind. I had no plan b. My parents suggested an endless list of careers, but none appealed to me enough to become my future life. I even took personality tests at school to help determine which route I was bound to go down. Test after test, the only suggestions that popped up on the list were the most obscene careers ever heard of. There was no way I would resort to becoming a truck driver like the test suggested. While sitting in class and worrying about my dilemma, I was thinking about how awful my teacher was at doing her job. From my point of view, if I hadn’t already known the material she was teaching, then I would’ve been completely lost in her lecture. “I could do a much better job if I were in her spot,” I said to myself. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I could do a better job, and I will. At that point, I literally felt the weight of a boulder being lifted off me.   I made my choice. I was going to become a teacher. I wasted no time and applied to all the schools I felt would be the best for me. I immediately got accepted to two of the best schools closest to where I live. I picked the...

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