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Unit#5 Essay

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Unit # 3 Individual Project

                                                                          Unit # 3 Individual Project
                                                                          Strategic Management
                                                                          AIU Online
                                                                          Doug Schlecht

Unit #3 Individual Project

In this assignment it is the topic of the management of the company that you are working for is trying to decide whether to develop a brand new product not yet seen in the marketplace or a version of a competitor’s product that has already been launched into the marketplace.
The management wants to know about the first mover theory and the late mover theory.
There are three questions that are associated with this assignment that will be answered in the next few pages.

Unit # 3 Individual Project
                                                                  The first Mover vs. The Late Mover
The first mover is just what it states and that is the company is the first to move on a new idea and market it. The late mover on the other had will follow the first mover and make a product that is already produced and marketed, this is also known as the free ride of production.
| First move       disadvantages | First move advantages | Late movedisadvantages | Late moveadvantages | |
Safety razors | Unknown market | New to the market | Hard to copy | Less development cost | |
Laser printers | Very competitive market | Cornering the market | Market already taken | Easy to copy | |
Energy drinks | Market uncertentity | Ease of marketing a new product | No more market space | Well known market | |
Online bookstores | Not accepted by the...

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