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Untracable Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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Ashlyn Crowell
October 23, 1862

I am known as Goody Proctor, I’ve never told lies and I do good for everyone. Abigail   Williams on the other hand and all her friends are witch worshipers. They dance around fire and on that fire is a pot of who knows what. I know this because two girls aren’t waking up after this night, what else would cause it if the doctors can’t figure out? Abigail Williams cannot be trusted.
October 27, 1862

My husband is john proctor, he was a good man till he had an affair. Of course it was with Abigail Williams, that girl is just full of trouble. Everyday I have suspicions. He swears he won’t do it again, but how do I trust him? He hates my suspicion, but he shouldn’t have ever did that if he loved me. Maybe he will earn that trust back one day. I still love him never the less.

October 28, 1862

Today I was convinced of being a witch. Who would do this to me? I am Goody Proctor and everyone knows that. I do good for everyone and nothing but good. Even if I don’t like someone I keep it to myself and still be as nice as I can be. From what I hear witches do nothing but bad stuff to people with magic spells. They worship hell and the devil and I worship nothing but god, and I put that on my families life.
November 3, 1862

I have lied for the first time, so my husband would not be hung. But to find out he already confessed. I should have been more smart and knew that’s why they were asking. Both me and my husband might be hung now. I am no more Goody Proctor, I have lied my first lie and I probably wont be trusted about this witch thing either. Well that’s what I get for lying, and at least I get to die with my dearest husband.
November 5, 1862

Me and my husband testify in court today against those horrifying girls, actually I think everyone in Salem is. Lots of people have died and they have no heart to care, They must be taken from the devil to have no care for that. Abigail gets what...

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