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Us Constitution Is Entrenched And Thus Rigid Essay

  • Submitted by: barnesyboi
  • on February 23, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Us Constitution Is Entrenched And Thus Rigid" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The U.S constitution is entrenched meaning it's hard to change as it is legally protected from modification. This can be beneficial as if it were too easy to change, these changes may be too hastily done and thus not properly thought through. However, as times change and progress, so must politics in order to stay relevant and up to date with current affairs. This is when an entrenched constitution is a problem as it is much harder to change to make it fit in with current times. As a result it can promote a considerable barrier to political change.

Due to this rigid nature of the constitution, many aspects of it now seem considerably outdated. The second amendment may have at the time of writing been considered a good idea, however many people now think that having the right to own a gun is not essential now, especially with the high rate of gun crime. In the UK (where there is an non-entrenched constitution) this was ratified with the help of the snowdrop campaign and a law was passed saying that hand guns must now be kept at a gun club. The 3rd amendment barely even has any relevance anymore. Many argue that this is due to the inflexible nature of an entrenched constitution.

Within 18 months of the Constitutions creation, the Bill of Rights was passed, adding 10 amendments to the brand new document and it has also been amended several more times and through judicial review, the meaning of various parts of the Constitution has changed many times. These changes are all relatively small, incremental, and evolutionary. In fact, the Constitution has no provision, directly, for full-scale change. There have been many proposals for substantial change to the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was wary of the power of the “dead over the living” in the form of an unchanging Constitution. To ensure that each generation have a say in the framework of the government, he proposed that the Constitution, and each one following it, expire after 19 or 20 years. The ‘founding...

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