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US Courts Essay

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The first, and only, case I observed at the United States District Court on the morning of 7th November 2008 was USA vs. Brinson-Scott. In this case, Brinson-Scott, the defendant, was charged on several counts, including the possession of powder cocaine, and possession of crack-cocaine with the intent to sell to others. The fourth day of the litigation was set-aside to focus on the collected evidence, and allowed witnesses to testify and be questioned by both prosecution and defense attorneys.
One important witness that testified during the trial was a forensics pathologist. Since the prosecution’s goal was to exemplify to the jury that Brinson-Scott clearly had intent to distribute, the forensics expert was questioned in detail about an industrial facemask found in Brinson-Scott’s apartment. Specifically, the expert was asked by the prosecutor, “If large amounts of cocaine, and crack-cocaine were found in an apartment as well as tools such as an industrial facemask, is it reasonable to assume that such a mask was being used to produce crack-cocaine?” The expert first stated that just the finding of an industrial facemask would not be indicative of someone who is producing crack-cocaine, since it can be bought at any major retailed including Wal-Mart, or Target. However, the expert stated that given the specific scenario the prosecutor stated, it would be reasonable to assume that the person involved was using the industrial facemask to produce crack-cocaine.
On the other hand, the defense attorney focused his defense for Brinson-Scott on the sequence of events leading to Brinson-Scott’s arrest. Specifically, the defense attorney pointed to statements made by the defendant that were not included by the police officer in legal document 163 of Brinson-Scott. After the police searched Brinson-Scott’s apartment and found crack cocaine, powder cocaine, and the industrial facemask, he made the following comment, “It’s not mine!”   This remark was officially recorded...

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