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Usage Of Lies And Doublespeak In Advertisement Essay

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  • on December 6, 2011
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Usage of Lies and Doublespeak in Advertisement

The automotive giant Jaguar Ltd. uses lies and doublespeak in their

advertisements to sell the American Dream to the public. In the advertisement for the

Jaguar XJ, Jaguar promotes the various aspects that make its product stand out from that

of their competition. The American Dream can stand for any number of things,   but the

American Dream for myself and many others boils down to true happiness. The pursuit of

happiness is perfectly attainable and for many that seems to stand for the materialistic

themes that rule many peoples lives.

Happiness is perceived by people in many different ways. For some it is the

acquirement of expensive and flashy cars, financial stability, or men and women. These

themes are slipped into the thousands of advertisement the public is blasted with

everyday. But advertisements have developed many ways to make their products stand

out from the pack, a general rule is the use of inflated language to make their often

ordinary products with exorbitant prices seem extraordinary, well worth the money. The

Jaguar XJ is no exception. Jaguar slips in many terms that bring this idea to fruition. They

claim the machines are the epitome of stunning elegance. And that their cars are some of

“the most beautiful, fast cars on earth”.

The use of inflated language in advertisements has been around as long as

advertising itself. Since the beginning of time crafty salesmen have often made

outrageous claims in an effort to boost financial gain. They make outrageous claims about

their products and through the use of “bureaucratese” (Lutz 348), which is the compiling
          Torres 2

of long sentences filled with large words have discovered ways to omit key information

that at times can expose the products as fraudulent or simply not worth the sky high


Jaguar Ltd. has been rolling out luxury...

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