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Uses And Abuses Of Internet Essay

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The Internet — Uses and Abuses
Congratulations and Thankyou

Congrats on the formation of the Green Door Society

Sounds like the Dead Poets Society, but I’m certainly neither a poet nor dead.

Thanks for the privilege of being the very first speaker, I’m sure it will look good in my c.v.

My aim tonight is to ...

    * Outline the idea and the technology behind the Internet
    * Examine the potential benefits and possible problems which may arise from the Internet. I say “potential” benefits and “possible” problems because neither one nor the other are necessarily going to happen

History of the Internet

The history of computing as a whole is short, and so the history of the Internet is very short.

The first programmable computers were developed during the 1940’s. This was barely 50 years ago and yet since then we have experienced change more rapidly than at any other time in history.

One of the well respected pioneers of computing (I think John McCarthy) once said that there would be a need for about 10 computers around the world!

The concept of a computer network is simple — in order to allow multiple computers to exchange information efficiently, we link them together with a cable (or more recently via microwave transmitters and satellites).

In Dec 1969 the US Department of Defence linked four computers together and called it the ARPANET.

As time went by more and more computers within the DOD and related military research institutions were linked to the ARPANET.

Later, a number of universities became linked to the ARPANET

It became clear by the end of the 1970’s that this network was no longer dedicated to military research nor even controlled by the DOD.

As the network grew even more, it came to be known as the Internet — the International Network.

Various other networks saw the benefit of linking themselves to the Internet. For instance, DEC had one of the largest private networks in the world, with some...

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