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UW Madison English Paper

  • Submitted by: NKumapayi
  • on December 14, 2008
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The Strange Fruit in a Birmingham Jail

Despite all of the texts read in this course, I chose to compare the differences between two texts that invoke similar ideas into the minds of the readers.   By comparing the differences between the two texts, the reference to the separate ways they go about describing the importance of being an American or representing an American identity is made.   The two texts chosen for analysis to represent this idea of Americanism are Letter From Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from his incarceration in 1963 and Strange Fruit by Abel Meeropol that was written in the 1930s.  
First, I will analyze each text and then apply the themes involved to the representation of Americanism.   Next, a comparison will be made between the two texts.   Lastly, differences in how each text claims America will be acknowledged.   To take my position on what I will be discussing in my paper, it would be proper to state that Letter from Birmingham Jail and Strange Fruit are two literary texts that coincidentally share thematical ideas in reference to the “African American Movement” but are actually two distinctly different texts when it comes to ideas that represent what it means to be an American.
Letter From Birmingham Jail is a self written, self narrative by Dr. King while he was incarcerated for partaking in civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama.   There were many African Americans in Birmingham that day demonstrating to acknowledge the fact that civil rights is a right that should be shared by all individuals.   They arrested Dr. King because he was the outright leader and the voice of the black community and they wanted to decrease his promotion of racial integration among schools and that his civil disobedience could spark increased demonstrations and further disorderly conduct.   He wrote this letter, using scraps of paper given to him by some of the black trustees in the jailhouse, to the eight local clergymen (who...

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