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Values And Human Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: iinnwregp
  • on August 22, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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Values, human rights and morality are so intertwined such that you can not talk about one without touching the other. In this assignment special attention should be on how values are related to human rights in education, interdependence of values and morality and the levels and stages of moral development in a typical person as explained by Lawrence Kohlberg. Understanding due to the impact of the relatedness of values, human rights and morality in education.
1. The interrelatedness of values and human rights in education
Firstly we have to understand what the meaning of values and human rights is before we can relate them. When we talk about values we mean the desirable qualities of character such as honesty, justice, respect, and altruism e.t.c. values are, therefore, the moral aspiration which South Africa should regard as desirable. The aim of values is that they should develop the quality of national character.
When we talk about human rights we are talking about the basic rights everyone has, simply because they are human. They do not have to be earned and they are not privileges which anyone gives to you. Instead, you have them from the moment you were born, because they are rights, they cannot be taken away from anyone by the government (although they can sometimes be limited).
Inculcation of human rights and values must be done through schools. Values and human rights are interrelated. You can not speak about human rights and yet does not take values into consideration. The following are the examples to show how values and human rights are interrelated.
a) Everyone has the right to basic education. Teachers have to show interest in their job of teaching by being ready to teach and learners also must be ready to learn.
b) Everyone has the right to personal security. Teachers and learners should not abuse one another either verbally, physically or sexually.
c) Everyone has the right to dignity. Community and society...

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