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Values Paper

  • Submitted by: Brunsontahlia
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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What are your core values?
My core values consist of love, fun, freedom, authenticity and growth. Love plays a big role in my life. I am very passionate about my family and friends. They keep me going day in and day out. I love having fun. To me, having fun is spending time with my family and friends. I’m glad I have physical and mental freedom. I value real things. My family, friends and I are real. We always have each other’s backs. I also value growth. Everyone has room to grow in the world. Without growth, you are nothing.
Where/how did you learn these values?
I learned all of these values from my surroundings. My parents always taught me to value the little things in life, as well as the major things. My parents always appreciated everything that they receive. They also stay humble, which plays a big part in why I value those five things. To me, it seems that these values are common nature because I am so use to them.
In what areas do your core values agree with Social Work values?
My core values agree and coincide with my Social Work values well. My values are a way that I conduct myself. I conduct myself very well. Social Work values are simply how we go about our work. My values are about how I go about myself. The Social Work core values and my values are ways we perform and conduct ourselves.
In what areas do your values diverge from Social Work values?
My core values and the social work values don’t differ in many ways. They only way it differs are from a business point of view.
How might any areas of difference between your values and social work values affect your ability to practice Social Work?
There aren’t any differences in the values. They are all the same.

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