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Veganism Essay

  • Submitted by: britbaby12
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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In today’s society there are many fad diets for many different reasons.   Some are to be skinny, some to be muscular and some to just help our world.   A vegan diet is one of the strictest out there but is gaining popularity for its immense impact that is has for the betterment of society today.   A Vegan is someone who decides not to consume any meat products for various reasons.   Vegetarians choose not to eat foods from the flesh of meat but Vegans, which is a much stricter diet, refuse to eat flesh foods, dairy and eggs.   Another degree of the veganism   is to live a “cruelty free” lifestyle and to avoid fur, leather, wool, and down products all together.   They also avoid at all cost using cosmetics or any products that are tested on animals (Vegan action, ??).  
Increasingly today,   brands know that there is a competitive advantage when they are able to have a note on their packaging that portrays them as a company that doesn’t test on animals.   Vegans and other dieters will choose these products over any other product that tests on animals or do not specifically say on the packaging that they do not test on animals.
One of the most important and stand out characteristics of being a vegan is to help the animals.   Today farming is very different than what we saw it when we were children when the pigs were happy eating the slop and the cows grazed in the fields and the farm animals lived a life that was free and happy.   Today “factory farming” puts a whole new spin on farming because it is mass producing farm products.   These farms have cages of animals lined up one after another and the animals are not allowed to roam freely but are merely caged and drugged so they can produce ten times the amount that their body composition is supposed to be producing.   Vegetarians today stay away from eating flesh animals for obvious reasons but there is an extension on that concept for vegans with not eating milk from cows and eggs from hens.
To vegetarians...

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