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  • on December 11, 2008
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Below is an essay on "VEGGIE WARS" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When Veggies Rule the World

Imagine a world where animals were never killed, a world full of peace and
harmony, where all living things get along, and no one ever hears any screaming or crying. Now that that fantasy is out of the way, your welcome to pinch yourself and wake up from your dreamland, because a world of vegetarians would mean a world worse off than it already is. Millions of years of eating meat in a balance of nourishment and population control, not to mention the industry its all become, has left us dependent on meat, and rightfully so.
In order for an organism to evolve it has to be threatened—some natural disaster or huge climate change that forces all living things to find a new way to survive. In all the millions of years and through all the changes that could have happened, humans have always eaten meat. We are hunters at heart, given a brain with problem solving skills that, under pressure, grew larger in size   so we could come up with plans to catch prey (Pollan, 218).   People were made to eat and digest meat and bone. Humans grew four sharp canine teeth to rip and tear meat, while their jaw structure shifted to make it possible for humans is create up to on average of 300 pounds of pressure per square inch with their mouths alone. This made it easier for us as a species to hold, rip, and chomp through raw meat. Even our digestive system advanced to breakdown complicated compounds like muscle and bone. Basically, our very existence from an early time has been based around eating meat.  
Marin 2

Not only are we designed to eat meat, but a world with all vegetarians would result in too many animals and an overpopulation of species. We’re all in balance with the rest of the food chain. For humans just to all of a sudden choose to throw off nature and become vegetarian would be a disaster for both humans and animals. With no one eating the animals, the wild wouldn’t be able to pick up the slack. Animals like pigs, cows, and...

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