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Vernisage Essay

  • Submitted by: camcamxd
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: English
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You see it everywhere; children growing up. Suddenly they are too big to fit their jeans or the sweatshirts stops at their stomach. But do the children really know what is going on? Are they too old for Winnie the Po on their bed or are they still too young to throw it away. Sometimes the children wants to grow up but they see how the grown-ups worry about so many things the children don’t even know what is.
This is exactly what we see in the short story ‘Vernissage’. A child, Alex, which somehow is sick and tired of banana sandwich, but are afraid to give a secure thing up and take this step towards manhood. He also thinks his toothbrush is stupid with dinosaurs on. These material things are the only thing that keeps him in this childish world.
This short story is based on the boy and his thoughts but we also get a view on his parents. The narrator is a 3rd person narrator, with a point of view on the boy. In these few pages we get an inside in the boy’s life, how he hides under his parent’s bed so he won’t get caught being upstairs. His parents are not making it easier for him; they are having a lot of distance between each other and we don’t feel they really love each other or are connected on any level. The father treats the mother like a child just like the way he treats the boy. Alex sometimes feels that his mother, Frances, treats him like a baby and he thinks that the mother wants him to think great things about his father maybe more than he really should. In the beginning of the story it is told very childish he is making a name out of the vernissage and thinks of the stripes on the road as fake zebras. When he she’s how his father rejects his mother, the style of the storytelling changes. The language is suddenly more like an adult language and he refers to his parents as ‘the man’ and ‘the woman’. Through this story he goes from the childhood to the adulthood.
The mother is trying to make herself happy by buying a wonderful dress for...

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  • Submitted by: camcamxd
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 875 words
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