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Video Game Essay

  • Submitted by: s2u486
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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“According to the Entertainment Software Association, United States Customers spent $7 Billon on Computer and Video Games Last year!” (Dangerous Games? 2006)
Now days, almost every family has at least one computer or video game in their house.   However, since creation of computer and video games, there has been a big unsolved argument, whether the computer and video games are beneficial or harmful, and it is still going on today.   In general, the computer and video games have negative undertone of violence.   Many people believe that games make people disoriented, hard to concentrate, and even show violent behaviors.   However, others like Steven Johnson believe differently.   Steven Johnson wrote a book, Everything Bad Is Good For You, to tell the audience about his thoughts about the games and televisions that those are not so bad for people but actually they are helpful to people.   I strongly agree with Steven Johnson not just because of personal experience, but I believe that computer and video games are not all that bad.   Especially parents believe that computer and video games are bad because they believe that computer and video games may affect their children physically and mentally.   Furthermore, parents are worried that the violent games will lead their children to violent behavior.   It is true because computer and video games do affect humans physically and mentally, but in positive way.   A video games, including computer games because computer and video games both require a screen to play, are educational because through video games a various qualities could be achieved: cognitive thinking, dexterity, endurance, teamwork, and morality.
Games are not just waste of time but in fact games are educational.   Recently, United States Army noticed crucial potential of the game and they have invested $50 million in combat training games.   Soldiers are preparing for combat through playing combat video games.   Lt. Col. Gary Stephens, product manager for air and...

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