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vikings saga Essay

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Viking Saga
My name is Gudmund Hardbein and this is my story. We travelled to Markland then to Vinland, then left.  
After a long day`s work everybody would get together around a fire and discuss things around the village. We would also discuss and share thoughts about the world beyond Markland to the west. My younger brother Gunnald, proposed the idea of sailing to Markland.   Most of us liked this idea, but some wanted to stay here. We decided that those who wish to stay must look after the village. We went back to our homes early that night because we knew we would have a long day ahead of us.
We started packing for the long voyage later on. The women packed the small things we needed like our spiral cooking irons, and our stone oil lamps, while the men continued on our almost finished boat. We had already spent a couple of months working on it so it would only take a few days to finish building.   A week later we were ready to set sail to Markland. The boat was ready and we had all the things we needed aboard the boat.
We had finally arrived to Markland. It was a long ride there. It has now been a few days and some of us were not willing to settle here. We had a meeting to decide if we wanted to start building here and make a new village in Markland. Instead of staying here we decided to sail west to the undiscovered waters and see what land we might find. So we left out to sea again. We`ve lost count how many days we have been out at sea. We are started to lose hope of finding land with our supplies running low. We went to sleep, to wake up to see land on the horizon. We were very happy, and we sailed there immediately.
That evening we had a great feast of animals that my younger brother Gunnald and I had hunted earlier in the day. We grilled the meat using a spiral cooking iron. The first night we had slept in the boat on the shore since we had nowhere else to sleep but the cold ground. We used the fire and our stone oil lamps for light. On our first...

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