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Virtual Collaboration Technology Essay

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What is virtual collaboration technology and how is it used?
Virtual Collaboration Technology is any technology, usually using the internet, which can enable collaboration and communication without being physically present. This technology includes “videoconferencing, audioconferencing, and computer-mediated communications” (Wainfan, & Davis, 2004).   This technology is used for both personal and professional lives. It is used in personal lives to communicate with friends and family that are not with you at the moment. Personally, I use virtually collaboration to talk to my family and friends to update them on how I am doing while I am away at school. Things like my facebook status let them know how my day is going without even having to specifically talk to them. In my professional life as student, I use technologies like skype to video conference into meetings that I cannot physically be present. This is especially important over summer break when everyone is at their various homes all over the country and even sometimes a different country.
Skype was founded in 2003 and it is a software that is open to everyone and serves millions of businesses and individuals.   Skype allows you to screen share, send Instant Messages and SMS messages, make Voice, Video and Conference Calls skype to skype, and call landlines and cell phones. To use Skype at the basic level, just for Instant Messaging, all you really need is a computer and internet service. As you use more of Skype’s features you need more equipment. For voice calling, you need a microphone and speakers in addition to everything you need for instant messaging. For video calling, you need a webcam in addition to everything you need for the Instant Messaging and Voice Calling. Skype is free when using Instant Messaging, Voice Calls and Video calls skype to skype. To call landlines or cell phones, there are two options an individual can choose; you can either choose a pay as you go option, or you can pay...

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