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Virtual work environment Essay

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Running Head: Virtual Work Environment

Virtual Work Environment is Becoming the New Work Place
By Bobbi Lee

University of Phoenix
Frank McMaye
CIS 205

November 2, 2008

Virtual Work Environment is Becoming the New Work Place
Business is conducted in order to provide services or products. There are managers and workers typically in all companies to ensure the work is completed and the customers are happy. This usually takes place in an office environment where people are gathered in one building. It has been this way for many years; however, in the last few years, jobs have been created where people can work from anywhere including from a home office. This has become to be known as telecommuting.
What is Information System
“The specific technologies that collectively comprise information technology are computer technology and data communications technology”. (ADDO, 2001) Virtual offices require different types of solutions because no one is in the same physical location. The Internet becomes the network in which computers communicate through.   The company may or may not provide laptops for the workers so if the company does provide them then the IT department has a new challenge in keeping these machines secure. In the case of AdVersace, Incorporated, they do not provide computers therefore do not have to worry about laptops getting stolen with confidential materials stored on the hard drives or viruses being spread through file sharing. The software needed for a company that has no building for an office is usually located on a server that is hosted and accessed through the Internet. Users are given a user name and password to access this software. An administrator is assigned in order to maintain the information and security of the access and permissions of the roles of users. AdVersace uses a content management system, project management system and an accounting system. All three of which are hosted on the Internet....

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